Least Vaccinated Zodiac Sign In USA

1.) Aries

To the next sign, Aries, there is a fairly noticeable decline; of this sign, 59 percent are fully immunised. Aries: "We are overachievers." The Salt Lake Tribune was informed by Jeff Eason, bureau manager for population health and informatics at the Salt Lake County Health Department.

2.) Taurus

Because the bull is the symbol for Taurus, those born under this sign may exhibit some bullheadedness, for better or ill. 56 percent of them, at least in Salt Lake County, have had all recommended vaccinations.

3.) Gemini

Duality is a quality attributed to Geminis. That may be the reason why around half of them have received the vaccination while the other half have not. They presently have 55% of their vaccinations completed, slightly behind Taurus.

4.) Cancer

Hopefully Cancers won't take being little behind at 58 percent properly immunised too personally. Getting vaccinated is an excellent strategy to protect oneself and can help with this self-protective sign.

5.) Leo

According to data from the Salt Lake County Health Department, proud Leos have the highest vaccination rate at 70%. It's not like they require the ego boost.

6.) Virgo

Based on this information, Virgos, who are known for being reasonable perfectionists, surely won't enjoy learning that they only have a 50% vaccination rate.

7.) Libra

Even though the COVID vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective, many Libras are known for being notoriously indecisive. This sign is currently 54 percent immunised.

8.) Scorpio

Scorpio is the only sign that is less than 50 percent fully immunised, with a vaccination rate of only 46%. How will a Scorpio, who is known for being a devoted trendsetter, feel about finishing last?

9.) Sagittarius

Sagittarius is tied with Aries at 59 percent. Some Sagittarians may not have received the shot yet since they are risk-takers who follow their own set of rules.

10.) Capricorn

With 51%, the Capricorns are closely following the Pisces. It's surprising that more of them haven't kept their appointments given that this sign tends to be methodical and planned.

11.) Aquarius

Given their reputation for independence, Aquarians may be the second-most self-reliant sign, with a 67 percent vaccination rate.

12.) Pisces

Pisces are seen as empathetic and sympathetic, but in Salt Lake County, just 51% of them have received a COVID vaccination.

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