Personality Traits of Each Zodiac sign

1.) Aries

Traits of an Aries: 

enthusiastic, active, and competitive.

2.) Taurus

Traits of a Taurus:

trustworthy, sensual, strong, and imaginative.

3.) Gemini

Traits of a Gemini:

versatile, artistic, inquisitive, and considerate.

4.) Cancer

Traits of a Cancer:

sensitive, sympathetic, caring, and defending.

5.) Leo

Traits of a Leo:

Dramatic, gregarious, ardent, and confident.

6.) Virgo

Traits of a Virgo:

analytical, pragmatist, devoted, and kind.

7.) Libra

Traits of a Libra:

social, impartial, tactful, and kind.

8.) Scorpio

Traits of a Scorpio:

passionate, unyielding, tenacious, and courageous.

9.) Sagittarius

Traits of a Sagittarius:

extroverted, upbeat, humorous, and giving.

10.) Capricorn

Traits of a Capricorn:

serious, self-reliant, orderly, and tenacious.

11.) Aquarius

Traits of an Aquarius:

Deep, creative, unique, and unwavering.

12.) Pisces

Traits of a Pisces:

affectionate, understanding, sage, and creative.

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