Where Do The Richest Americans Live?

1.) Bill Gates

The majority of Mr. Gates' time is spent at his 66,000-square-foot residence in Medina, Washington, which has been dubbed Xanadu 2.0 after the home of Citizen Kane's title character.

Worth: $81 billion
Home: Medina, Washington

1.) Bill Gates

Overlooking Lake Washington is the home. The seven-year, $63.2 million construction of Mr. Gates' technologically advanced home cost him a lot of money. In 1988, he paid $2 million for the lot, but today, records show that it is worth an estimated $170 million.

2.) Jeff Bezos

The 52-year-old Mr. Bezos amassed a sizable number of real estate properties over the years as he built his e-commerce company, landing him the No. 26 slot on The Land Report's list of America's largest landowners in 2017.

Worth: $67 billion
Home: Medina, Washington

2.) Jeff Bezos

According to Forbes, he owns a 12,000 square foot Beverly Hills estate that is adjacent to Tom Cruise, a 165,000 acre ranch in West Texas, a waterfront home in Washington, three connected apartments in Manhattan's Century Tower, and a house on a 165,000 acre ranch in West Texas.

2.) Jeff Bezos

His residence in Medina, Washington, not far from Amazon's corporate headquarters, has 5.35 acres and a living area of around 29,000 square feet. Along with the main house, there is a 4,500 square foot boathouse on Lake Washington as well as a caretaker's cottage.

3.) Warren Buffett

Although the world's most astute investor has numerous real estate holdings, Mr. Buffett, 86, is renowned for leading a modest life.

Worth: $65.5 billion
Omaha, Nebraska

3.) Warren Buffett

He paid $31,500 for the house on a corner in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1958. Since then, Mr. Buffett has resided there. The mansion, which was initially constructed in 1921, underwent a number of additions to become the man's pleasant and comfortable 6,500 square foot residence. His net worth is approximately $65.5 billion.

4.) Mark, Zuckerberg

The youngest businessman with the most money invests the majority of it in philanthropic endeavours like education and health.

Worth: $55.5 billion
Palo Alto, California,

4.) Mark, Zuckerberg

His real estate holdings also include a 9.9 million pied-a-terre in San Francisco, next to Dolores Park, and his Palo Alto residence. For $7 million, Mr. Zuckerberg, 32, bought his first Palo Alto home in the Craftsman style in 2011.

4.) Mark, Zuckerberg

In order to further maintain his solitude, he purchased four of the homes that surrounded his property in the years that followed for around $43.8 million. However, his intention to demolish and then rebuild those four houses has been put on hold.

5.) Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison, 72, the executive chairman of Oracle, owns a sizable real estate holdings. He has acquired significant portions of entire neighbourhoods in Malibu and the area of Lake Tahoe.

Worth: $49.3  billion
California, Woodside

5.) Larry Ellison

According to published sources, he also owns a garden mansion in Kyoto, Japan, a $70-million Beechwood Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, and 98% of Lanai, Hawaii's sixth-largest island, which he paid $500 million for in 2012.

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