Which Zodiac Sign is Most Ugliest One


When things don't go their way, Aries react like HUGE babies. When someone doesn't listen to them, they frequently have tantrums that are incredibly inappropriate for their age. This behaviour is not only extremely infantile, it's also very unpleasant.


Taurus may be VERY materialistic for someone who takes great satisfaction in being so thrifty and skilled with money. It's hip to value beauty and have sophisticated taste, but it's not cool to indulge in either. Ironically, being so preoccupied with appearances makes things somewhat nasty.


Geminis are notoriously dishonest, which makes them less than reliable. People are alarmed by their capacity to change completely on a dime and appear to be someone entirely different, even though they don't necessarily do it on purpose. It's uncomfortable even if it's not necessarily an ugly trait. That much is true.


Do you recall the Kim Kardashian meme featuring ugly crying? That is the exact image that would appear if you looked for Cancer in a dictionary. Cancers scream in an awful way. ...and sob over everything.


Egotists are Leos. Yes, it changes depending on the Leo in question. Overall though, Leos adore hearing about how fantastic they are. Who wouldn't, too?

When someone fails to give them the attention they so desperately want, the ugly starts to show. Ignoring a Leo causes their charming, jovial disposition to shift more quickly than anything else. Yiiiiikes.


Virgos have a tendency to pass judgement so harshly that it verges on cruelty. They can be completely merciless while making fun of someone since they have extremely high standards for themselves and want that everyone else do the same. There is a 99.9% likelihood that a Virgo is secretly analysing you if they are near you.


Libras are typically not too difficult to get along with. They are decent and fair. They can, however, be utter slobs. They will overeat and binge on fast food. The person using the Jack in the Box drive-thru at two in the morning is unquestionably a Libra.


As icy as ice are scorpions. They won't even bat an eye before they spit you out after chewing you up.


utterly haughty Their confidence can easily deteriorate into blatant narcissism, which is quite uncomfortable. Nobody wants to spend time with someone who is so arrogant.


Snobbish Capricorns are not uncommon. When something is deemed to be beneath them, they will reject it.


They are complete loons. However, not in a cute TV sitcom sense. They just seem weird.


These flakes are MASSIVE. A Pisces frequently forgets about the plans they have made since they are too busy floating around in their own daydreamy, fictional world. An hour before they're meant to arrive, they'll cancel on you. Or even worse, they might not respond to you at all.

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